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🛫 Join Our Exclusive Flight Instructor Course! 🛫

 Start Your Journey on April 15th! Dive into the world of aviation with our comprehensive, partly online course, designed to elevate your skills and prepare you for an exciting career as a flight instructor.

Be Part of Our Elite! Complete the course and join our employment pool, where you could be selected to become a key member of our instructor staff at prestigious bases

In-Depth Learning & Hands-On Training! Starting May 6th, join us on-site for two months of essential theoretical lessons and practical flight training, ensuring you're fully equipped to soar high!

Pre-Entry Flight Test! Make sure to arrive at least one day before April 15th to undertake a one-hour flight test with our expert instructors - it's all included in your course fee!

Need Accommodation? We've got you covered! Ask us about affordable housing options to make your training experience seamless and stress-free.

Ready to Take Flight? If you're interested in joining or want the full program details, reach out now! Let's embark on this thrilling journey together!

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