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We Train the New Generation of Pilots

Heading to Your Future! 

Unlock your aviation potential at Canavia Aviation Academy! Our state-of-the-art pilot training facilities are open to all aspiring aviators. As an internationally-renowned Approved Training Organization (ATO), we boast a team of seasoned aviation professionals dedicated to delivering EASA ATPL Integrated & Modular training.

Did you know that Canavia Aviation Academy made history in 2013 as the first Spanish aviation school accredited by the Spain Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) under EASA regulations? With a legacy of excellence since our establishment in 2013, Canavia stands as a high-performance aviation academy in Spain. Our extensive experience in training Airline Pilots, coupled with competitive programs and rigorous training, sets us apart. Over the last 15 years, we've empowered hundreds of students to realize their dreams of working with airline companies worldwide. Ready to be the next success story? Join Canavia and soar towards your aviation aspirations.


Our accelerated and comprehensive training programs ensure you master the skies efficiently.
Elevate your aviation journey with us.

Discover the advantage of Canavia Aviation Academy's privileged location in the breathtaking Canary Islands. With clear skies gracing our archipelago for most of the year, indulge in optimal weather conditions that accelerate your training journey. Seize the skies efficiently, mastering your skills in less time amidst the natural beauty of this unparalleled training environment. Elevate your aviation aspirations with us

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Our school boasts a fleet of 12 fully operational aircraft and unique FNPT-II, Boeing B737 and Airbus A320 simulators in the Canary Islands. Experience a state-of-the-art training environment designed for your aviation success.


At CANAVIA, we proudly present a wide array of high-profile aviation courses, all sanctioned by the Spanich Ministry of Transport. Our offerings range from the Professional Pilot Course to the Private Pilot Course, alongside specialized Cabin Crew Training and the cutting-edge Professional Drone Pilot Course.


Embark on a journey to elevate your career with our comprehensive and fully accredited programs, designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge required to soar in the aviation industry. Join us at CANAVIA, where your aspirations take flight, supported by our commitment to excellence and innovation in aviation training.

Do you want your passion to become a full-time job?

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Pilot Training and Airline Expectations:
A Flight Toward the Future

Discover why airlines prefer the graduates from Canavia Aviation Academy's ATPL courses.


Airlines consistently seek highly skilled professionals, preferring Canavia's flight academy graduates for their ability to meet the industry's standards. The intensive ATPL course at Canavia Aviation Academy prepares candidates through rigorous training that includes both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, focusing on mental flexibility and decision-making. Trainees undergo a comprehensive program, from wearing uniforms to engaging in realistic flight simulations, aimed at mirroring airline operations. Canavia's methodical training ensures graduates are not only pilots but also ambassadors of commercial aviation, making them highly sought after for their promise of enhancing safety and efficiency in air transport.

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Hall of Fame: Canavia's Former Students Now Airline Pilots

Fly with us and let your dreams take flight.
Adventure awaits at 30,000 feet!

The sky is our second home, where we are comfortable. Join us and fulfill your dream of flying in a school of reference in the
Canary Islands. You are one step closer to achieving it.

Living the high-flying life as an airline pilot

Customer service: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Operations: 24 hours / days a week

 Mobile / WhatsApp +39 331 2543177 
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