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Your Premier Aviation Training Experience
in the Canary Islands

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If your dream is to pursue a career in the aeronautical industry whether as a Pilot, Aircraft Maintenance Technician, or Passenger Cabin Crew you've found the perfect starting point.


Canavia and Brok-air have joined forces to present you with an extensive range of training programs and unparalleled facilities, all set in the idyllic backdrop of the Canary Islands.

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Air Scuola Logo

Our campus is strategically situated across key locations in the Canary Islands, providing not just high-level training but also the opportunity for an unforgettable experience throughout your course.

Boasting the best weather conditions in Europe, aspiring pilots can maximize their practice sessions, benefiting from the Canary Islands' 4,800 hours of sunlight per year the highest number of sunlight hours in Europe.

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