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Welcome to the Enrollment Process
at Canavia Aviation Academy

The enrollment process consists of some steps with instructions on exactly how to proceed. Please read carefully and follow the instructions for each step.

Once you have had a meeting with your Educational Adviser and you are informed about the aspects of the training, scheduling, locations, prices and you are ready to start the process, let's begin

STEP 1 -

Payment of 250 EUR admission exam.

You can pay by bank transfer or through PayGold BBVA secure payment gateway with credit card.

Canavia Lineas Aereas SLU

Account number: ES9501825036730201629778

Please don't forget to send by email proof of payment to our Educational Advisor link here.

If you pass the selection process and are admitted, this amount will be deducted from the total amount of the course.

If you do not pass the selection process (Mathematics and Physics exams or the English interview), Canavia will refund €100, but will not be able to offer you any training.

STEP 2 –


Upon receiving your deposit, your Educational Advisor will provide you with an access link and a code for the exam.

The required level of Mathematics and Physics knowledge is the foundation for you to succeed in your pilot training.

You will have two attempts at the Practice Test, which consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. The test has a time limit of 30 minutes. All two attempts will have the same questions.

Cognitive reasoning assessments are used by airlines and aviation training organizations to assess your general intelligence, indicating your ability to learn through multiple information displays.

Our intention is to support you every step of the way, so we provide you with study material for you to review key concepts before you take the exam:

STEP 3 -


Once you have completed the online test and within 3 working days, you will receive a link to have an online meeting in English with our theoretical instructors.

It won't be a Cambridge-style English exam, don't worry. Our proposal is a conversation of approximately 20 minutes to find out your English skills and knowledge.

STEP 4 –


Once you have completed the first three initial steps and have received confirmation of acceptance from the theoretical instruction department, your Educational Advisor will contact you to tell you the good news that you have been admitted.


STEP 5 –


As our Educational Advisor has already informed you, from Canavia Management we believe that having the Class 1 Aeronautical Medical Exam as an access requirement is very positive for the proper development of your training, ensuring no interruption and peace of mind for both the student and the school.
We want to inform and support you as much as possible, so we have gathered some material that will help you create a basic idea of the psychological test that will be carried out in the medical examination.

If you are located on the Iberian Peninsula, we recommend the following accredited medical centers:
- Madrid: Príncipe Pio XII
- Seville: CMA TRIANA S.L.

- Barcellona: Creu Blanca Diagnosis

If you are located in Italy, we recommend the following accredited medical centres:
- AeMC presso l’Istituto di Medicina Aerospaziale I.M.A.S. Roma, 
- AeMC presso l’Istituto di Medicina Aerospaziale  Milano,
- Centro Aeromedico Psicofisiologico Bari

If you are in the Canary Islands:
- Tenerife: La Cuesta Medical Centre

STEP 6 –


In this step, you will proceed to reserve your place on the course of your choice. Here is where you must pay the enrollment fee for the course: 2,500 Eur.

Canavia Lineas Aereas SLU

Account number: ES9501825036730201629778

The Educational Advisor will send a link so that you can start submitting all legal documentation.

Documents to submit, scanned and in PDF:
- ID card
- Passport
- Access test result
- Certificate of studies
- Medical certificate
- Proof of payment for the enrollment fee of 2.500€.

You must fill in the entire online form and upload the requested files, which must be less than 100MB in size.

Once you have correctly filled in the registration form, you will receive an email confirming your enrollment in the course and the reservation of your place.

STEP 7 -


Our Educational Advisor will contact you to provide further details and arrange the start of the course.

Once the whole process is completed, our administration team will contact you to formalize the training contract.

Below you can see a sample contract for your review and information.

This will be the last step before welcoming you to the professional, working and family future that we will start together.

Welcome on board!

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