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Canary Islands, 
the best place to learn to fly

Finding Inspiration in Every Place

Hello from the best climate in the world. You can't miss to see our Islands!

The Canary Islands Archipelago is the
sunniest place in Europe

Our students fly constantly all along the year between the different islands of the Canary archipelago which consists of seven main islands and other smaller islets of volcanic origin bathed by the Atlantic Ocean.

These unique islands are located off the northwest coast of Africa, the "Islas Canarias" are officially recognized as an autonomous Spanish community.

Thanks to the favorable effect of the trade winds, the Canaries enjoy what has been called "the eternal spring", with mild temperatures throughout the year.
Precisely these particular atmospheric conditions, which cannot be found in other European Countries, make the Canary Islands the ideal place for pilot training.

These perfect conditions, which cannot be found in other schools in Europe, will allow you to carry out your pilot education in in a short time. You can always enjoying the wonderful beaches and the subtropical surround with long, clear days and some 3,000 hours of sunshine a year. And when you want, you can relax in the shade of a palm tree and enjoy the wonderful beaches of the island.

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