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Canary Islands: soar to New Heights in the
Ultimate Flight Learning Haven

Finding Inspiration in Every Place

Greetings from Paradise:

Explore the World's Best Climate on Our Enchanting Islands!

The Canary Islands Archipelago is the
sunniest place in Europe

Flight Training Paradise: Soar Year-Round in the Eternal Spring of the Canary Islands.

Explore the skies above the breathtaking Canary archipelago, where our aviators experience continuous flight amidst seven main islands and smaller volcanic islets. Discover the ideal pilot training destination with the perfect blend of mild temperatures, trade winds, and nearly every day is sunny with clear skies


Elevate your aviation skills while basking in the beauty of subtropical surroundings and pristine beaches – a unique learning experience found only in the Canaries.

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Canavia flight schoo Canary islands.png
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