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Aircraft Maintenance

At the end of 2019 Canavia obtained its approval certificate from the maintenance organization EASA ES.MF.028. After 10 years of training and will not work without effort.

We eventually achieved what every self-respecting school should have, its own maintenance. This service has strengthened our structure as a training center, giving all the guarantees of safety and quality.

Maintenance approval doc.

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You choose a self-maintained school

Our headquarters
Maintenance Center

The Headquarters of our Maintenance Center occupies two large hangars located at Aeródromo de Maspalomas - El Berriel (GCLB) Gran Canaria.

Canavia is the only Aeronautical Training School at a professional level in the Canary Islands.

In addition not only maintaining its own fleet but also offers maintenance to third-party aircraft.

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We are a maintenance center approved by Tecnam

The prestigious Aircraft brand has given us the challenge to recognize ourselves as an authorized maintenance center. This allows us to review, repair and provide internal maintenance to all the Tecnam models in our fleet: Tecnam P2008 and Tecnam P2006T. These models are the most modern part of our diverse fleet of aircraft, and we expect them to increase in the not far future.

Since our school implemented its own maintenance center at the end of 2019 we have done our best towards to create a solid team full of great professionals including engineers, TMA's and assistants

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Our workshop offers complete mechanical and avionics maintenance

We watch out base and online maintenance of your aircraft, as well as immediate platform assistance service at our facilities at El Berriel Aerodrome.

We provides metal and fiber maintenance service as well.

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