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Modular CPL / ATPL Professional Pilot Course

Become a professional pilot at your own pace.

Modular training allows you to complete the different parts of the program at your own pace and within your time availability. You decide how many hours a day you want to dedicate to the training. This makes the plan easy to combine with work or other occupations.

Our EASA ATPL Modular programme is suitable for anyone who wants to become a professional pilot from begin, or from Private Pilot Level. Due to its modular structure, the programme is ideal for those who cannot study full-time and are looking for an option that can be combined with their main activity. It is certainly the best option for aeronautical maintenance technicians, flight attendants, aeronautical engineers.

No previous flying experience or aeronautical knowledge is required to access the training, it is Ab Initio (from zero).

Keep in mind.

The Modular course can also be followed by those with a Private Pilot license, skipping the first module. This then gives the possibility to continue with subsequent modules, should candidates decide to do so.

The training is divided into modules, with a combination of ground training and flight training. Each module is complementary and the combination of these modules will provide you with all the licenses and classifications needed to get a job as a professional pilot.

Theory can be studied in distance learning. We offer everyone to participate as observers when they want, during the lessons we hold in the classroom.


Ready to take the next step?

The commercial pilot career is a highly sought-after profession. According to studies by Boeing Pilot Forecast and Airbus 2022-2040, it is constantly growing and will reach its peak in the next 5-10 years.

All of our pilot training courses are bespoke for students seeking a career in commercial aviation. The training involves completing a great deal of coursework, stage checks, written tests, and passing a final check ride

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With our professional pilot course you will obtain the following licences and ratings:

  • (PPL) Private Pilot License

  • (CPL) Commercial Pilot License

  • (IR+PBN) Instrumental Flight Rating

  • (SEP) Single Engine Piston Class Rating

  • (MEP) Multi Engine Piston Class Rating

  • Qualification of International Radiotelephone Operator

  • (ATPL) Theoretical Airline Transport

  • (MCC) Multiple Crew Cooperation Course Certificate

  • (UPRT) Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

  • (ICAO 4/5/6) English Language Proficiency

Become a professional pilot with us

You will obtain a CPL (A) licence which will entitle you to perform aerial and general aviation work; act as pilot-in-command in commercial air transport operations in any single-pilot certificated aircraft and act as co-pilot in commercial air transport.

EASA licences are a guarantee of reliability and trustworthiness in global aviation. Not only will you have the opportunity to work in the EASA environment (32 countries), but you will also enjoy a higher level of acceptance and credibility in other continents.

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Theoretical training

The modular theoretical programme can be carried out in the following modalities:

For those students who can attend classes Monday through Friday, at our facilities in Tenerife or Gran Canaria. We can offer you accommodation for your training period, near the school at an affordable price. You will have the opportunity to attend group lessons with other student pilots. You will complete a total of 650 hours.

Attendance Monday through Friday (times subject to availability), via video call from the comfort of your own home.
You will have the opportunity to attend group classes with other student pilots. You will complete a total of 650 hours.

E-learning training through online study platforms, ideal for students who cannot dedicate themselves to full-time training. You choose how many hours a day you want to study. To do so, you will have access to all the necessary study material on our online platforms, as well as a chat to ask questions to our instructors, who will be at your disposal at any time.
You will complete a total of 585 hours of distance learning, plus 65 hours of face-to-face tutoring to ensure quality training.

Indipendentemente dalla modalità, la parte teorica del Corso di Pilota Professionista si compone di 14 materie.


  • Air Law

  • Meteorology

  • Aircraft General Knowledge

  • Navigation

  • Instruments

  • Radionavigation

  • Mass & Balance

  • Operational Procedures

  • Performance

  • Flight Principles

  • Flight Planning

  • VFR & IR Communications

  • Human Factors

  • Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes

Upon completion of the theoretical content, students will take an internal school exam before taking the official exams.

After passing the official exams, the students will be accredited in the corresponding theoretical knowledge to develop their work as airline transport pilots (ATPL), thus entering the practical phase of the training as a professional pilot.

There will also be seminars specific to each rating with their corresponding evaluations.

Flight training

The practical flight training will consist of different modules to be completed according to the student's availability and pace. We estimate that you will complete the theoretical and practical training after 12 to 24 months, depending on your dedication.

Total flight hours 241 Hours

The training will be carried out in our modern and diverse fleet of aircraft. Click here to find out more.

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Course with distance learning theory + MCC




Course face-to-face theory + MCC



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& JANUARY 2024

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The 10 reasons to choose Canavia Aviation Academy

I am interested: what should I do now?

We hope that the information presented has been of interest to you. At first glance everything may seem unclear so we strongly advise you to come and visit us in person to discuss your training, costs, start etc ... CANAVIA is open every day of the week from 09:00 until evening. However, we recommend that you make an appointment in order to be able to better assist you. If you wish to take an introductory flight, or have information or have any questions, we suggest you contact us without any problem.

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