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Canavia Aviation Academy UPRT advanced course

Canavia Aviation Academy UPRT advanced course


The objectives of the Advanced UPRT course are to train, both in the theoretical and practical part, the candidate to:

Understand and manage the psychophysiological aspects related to an aircraft trim loss;

Develop the necessary skills and resilience in order to apply the appropriate recovery techniques following a loss of buoyancy.


Only in a real flight is it possible to expose the participants to the psychophysiological impacts of flying in an unusual position, guaranteeing a realistic and educational scenario. Please note that the UPRT course is NOT an aerobatic training program; although light and agile aircraft are used, the aim is to expose participants to all aspects of flight outside the normal flight envelope. This is so that the participants develop the necessary knowledge and skills in order to AVOID (AVOID) situations of loss of control and develop recovery techniques from loss of attitude if a particular situation occurs.

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