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🛫 Discover your future in aviation with CANAVIA! 🛫

Hey, budding aviators!  We've just wrapped up a series of engaging informational talks at our offices in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. A huge thank you to @brok_air_aviation_academy and our expert educational manager, Mario, for guiding participants through an exploratory journey into the depths of aviation training.

What do we have in store for you? Are you ready to take off toward your dream of becoming a professional pilot, an aircraft maintenance technician, or a cabin crew member? CANAVIA is your launching pad, being an EASA-certified flight school that offers the prestigious integrated ATPL course, synonymous with excellence and compliance with strict European regulations.

The sky is calling! The aviation sector craves talents like you, and the demand for qualified professionals is on the rise. Imagine soaring through the skies and experiencing a new adventure every day: this is what embracing one of the world's most exciting professions means!

Join our CANAVIA family:

 Integrated ATPL (Gran Canaria) - Starts April 29  

Integrated ATPL (Tenerife and Gran Canaria) - Starts September 2024

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!  For information and registration, visit our website or contact us directly. We are ready to help you take your aviation career off the ground. Are you with us?  #CANAVIA #FuturePilot #AviationDreams#AviationCareer#PilotTraining#EASACertified#AviationAcademy#FutureAviators#FlightSchool#AircraftMaintenance#CabinCrewLife

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