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🌟 Exciting News from Canavia! 🌟

We’re thrilled to announce a major upgrade to our pilot training program! 🛫 Introducing the state-of-the-art en-4000x FNPT II MCC simulator, a game-changer in aviation training, now at Canavia! 🌐

🔹 Why the en-4000x?

Versatile Training: Offers seven different configurations for comprehensive pilot training.

Advanced Technology: Equipped with MEP G1000 and JET (A320-based) configurations plus a cylindrical visual system powered by X-Plane 11, ensuring an immersive and realistic training experience.

Proven Excellence: With over 14 years in the aviation education field, we’re committed to enriching our training programs with the best tools available.

🛠️ Quick Installation

After finalizing the sale in December 2023 and completing factory acceptance tests in January, we’ve swiftly installed the simulator at our premises. Just two weeks and it’s ready for action!

🙌 A Word from Our Specialists

Iñigo Hernández Irizar of Entrol: “Proud to deliver the simulator in just one month post-sale, demonstrating our robust manufacturing capabilities.”

Mario Pons of Canavia: “The new simulator doubles our instrumental training capacity, enhancing our uninterrupted operational efficiency. Canavia now boasts four simulators, including A320 and B737 models.”

📈 Elevate Your Training

Join us at Canavia to experience the future of pilot training! 🚀

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