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Nikolaj shared his thoughts about that day:

"Having known I wanted to be a professional pilot since the age of 5, the day of my CPL exam was something very important to me. There were lots of different obstacles to surpass during the training, and I can only thank my family and friends for supporting me trough the training. Also not forgetting the talented and good instructors I came across my training.

I arrived a couple hours earlier that day as to be more relaxed for the exam and prepare the flight. The examiner came later to discuss the pre-flight briefing with me and set a very calm atmosphere. We discussed the route and then we headed straight to the aircraft. At that time, we had a bit of a delay, so it went all very fast until we were airborne. To be honest, I didn’t feel too stressed but, on the contrary, quite confident about the flight due to the good training and preparation I was given the days prior the Exam.

We flew to Fuerteventura and prepared an RNAV approach with a full stop landing. As we approached the airport, the controller told us to hold due to the amount of traffic landing in Fuerteventura. At that time, everything went very fast, and the workload got higher. This was a bit of a challenge for me given the circumstances, but we managed to land safely at the airport a couple minutes later. After landing we headed back to Gran Canaria. As we arrived and shut down the engine, I got the great news that I passed the exams!

I felt very relieved and happy - especially after 3,5 hours of exam. Nevertheless, it was a very beautiful evening flight, and I was still able to enjoy one last time the beautiful views over the Canary Islands. That same night, I had my flight back to Switzerland, after almost 2 years on the Canaries. It was a very busy day and I only started to realize that I finished my training and journey on these islands a couple days later.

During my training time in Canavia, it was important for me to build a daily routine. I remember well the theory exams, which required a lot of studying and discipline. But I also tried to enjoy as much as possible the Island of Gran Canaria. Having a big passion for surfing, this was a little paradise :)"

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