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UPRT Advance Course

Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

Starting December 20th, 2019, this course is mandatory in accordance with European regulations EASA FCL 745 for all pilots seeking their initial type certification with an airline. As such, it serves as a prerequisite for employment with airlines worldwide.

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Recent studies on air crashes have revealed that loss of control in-flight is among the highest risk factors leading to fatal accidents in the aviation industry. Consequently, preventing aircraft loss of control is a paramount priority in pilot training programs.


In this way, pilots can acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to anticipate and avoid the loss of control in flight (LOC-I Loss of Control in Flight) and, therefore, develop the appropriate techniques to be able to recover from adverse situations that can occur.

This process includes acquainting pilots with potential situations that may arise under various flight scenarios. By doing so, pilots gain the essential knowledge and skills required to anticipate and prevent in-flight loss of control (LOC-I).


Consequently, they are equipped to develop and apply the appropriate techniques for recovering from adverse situations that may occur.

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Course access requirements

Valid PPL (A) or CPL (A) licence. Valid Class 2 or Class 1 medical certificate


5:00 hours of theoretical training and examination
3:00 flight hours. Total 3 days

The course consists of 8 hours, divided into two days, in which the various aerodynamic factors of the aircraft are studied. Also the procedures to recover from the maneuvers, and how to mitigate the physical and psychological effects.


Price for UPRT advanced course

€ 1.540
Taxes not included (7% IGIC)

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