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Our Hour Building Packages accelerate your flight training. Take advantage of our great weather, un-congested skies, excellent facilities, private aerfield, fantastic beaches and most importantly a high standard of flying recognised worldwide.

Canavia is able to offer hour building packages to international student pilots that have a limited period of time in which to complete their training. If you are doing a modular Commercial or Frozen Airline Transport Pilot Licence, doing your hour-building with us will be a credit towards your licence.

Canavia Tecnam P2008JC).jpg

Canavia offers its students flight hours in its extensive fleet of aircraft. The flight hours can be done at the base in Gran Canaria our Tenerife.

Get quality flying hours in the ideal conditions. Our EASA trained instructors are here to support you during your flying with route suggestions and top tips for navigating Gran Canarie arcipelago airspace. This is in addition to your initial ground brief and check flight to best prepare you for your solo adventures. 

There is a mix of challenging, varied and fun routes to test you and get you ready for your next phase of flight training. Knowing each hour gained in the sky is also one towards a stunning destination, whatever your route.


Canavia offers instruction service, flight improvement, rating renewal and all flight concepts included, possibility of overnight stay and accommodation With a concentrated focus on flying, you can fly up to 25 PIC hours a week (on request).



  • PPL licence (for PIC purpose) 

  • Medical Certificate class 1 or 2 

  • English Language ICAO certificate, all the theory and radio communications are in English so it is important that the student/pilot has competency in this language.

  • Flight log book

  • Passport or ID Cards

All of our hours building in a professional school environment to aid you in being the best prepared for your next stage of training whilst still having a lot of fun. You will have an aircraft slot available to you almost every day but allowing for sufficient rest and we will aim to fly you at least 20 hours a week. 


Canavia Faro Maspalomas.png

Prices per packages

The packages includes:

  • Instructor/safety pilot 

  • Flight Operations Service

  • Output from GCLB (Maspalomas - El Berriel)

  • Air navigation fees

  • Fuel 

Students who have a CPL license or who have a professional pilot training contract are exempt from fees. The availability of flights and aircraft types must be agreed upon booking.

The packages not includes:

  • Landing taxes for AENA airports (see here), taxes applicable to LAPL/PPL licenses (7% IGIC)

The purchase of at least 10 hours of flight will result in a discount on AENA's landing and transit fees. 

To guarantee the safety of the student and our aircraft it is necessary to fly always accompanied by an instructor or a safety pilot. After a training period to be defined on the basis of your skills and subject to verification by the school, you will be able to fly alone. The remaining prorated fee paid to the instructor will be returned upon release.

prices for Tecnam P2008JC aircraft

20 ore PIC - 1 week, ground instruction and flight control: 3.800€

  40 ore PIC - 2 weeks, ground instruction and flight control: 7.600€

   60 ore PIC - 3 weeks, ground instruction and flight control: 11.400€

   80 ore PIC - 4 weeks, ground instruction and flight control: 15.200€

prices Cessna 150M aircraft

20 ore PIC - 1 week, ground instruction and flight control:  3.600€

  40 ore PIC - 2 weeks, ground instruction and flight control:  7.200€

  60 ore PIC - 3 weeks, ground instruction and flight control: 10.800€

  80 ore PIC - 4 weeks, ground instruction and flight control: 14.400€

FNPT-II simulator flight hours rental

This training includes instructor

€ 190

Certified flight hour

€ 460

Multi-engine Tecnam P2006T

Canavia Maspalomas El Berriel.png

I am interested: what should I do now?

We hope that the information presented has been of interest to you. At first glance everything may seem unclear so we strongly advise you to come and visit us in person to discuss your training, costs, start etc ... CANAVIA is open every day of the week from 09:00 until evening. However, we recommend that you make an appointment in order to be able to better assist you. If you wish to take an introductory flight, or have information or have any questions, we suggest you contact us without any problem.

We are always at your disposal. Here are our contacts:

tel. / WhatsApp +39 331 2543177

 Or write to us by clicking under "REQUEST INFORMATION".

The Customer Service operates 7 days a week / 24 hours a day and is always at your disposal.

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